Woahh! It’s time to float in some Action/Adventurous fun. Lets experience this effect from Chandra Sekhar Yeleti's movie Sahasam starring Gopichand and Tapsee.

Trip Members(Cast) 
Gopi Chand, Tapsee Pannu , Shakti Kapoor (The 90's villian in Bollywood), Ali etc
Director/Screenplay/Story - Chandra Shekhar Yeleti
Banner -Sri Venkateshwara Cini Chitra/Relaince Media
Producer - BVSN Prasad
Music - Sri Kommineni
Lyrics - Anath Sri Ram
Release Date - July 12 , 2013 

నాది కానిది ఏది నాకు వద్దు ..నాది అన్నది మీరు అడగ వద్దు .

Gautham(Gopi Chand)  is a guard for security agency believes in fortunes and lottery to turn his above poverty line to power line. Trying all sorts of options, he finds the map of luck through his grandfather's diary about the treasure left in Pakistan during independence. So how he finds the treasure hunt to gain his property is what rest of the story.

Gopichand is symbol of mark for Action oriented movies. He conquered most of the shadows of the acting in the movie.The arch-angelic Tapsee as Sree Nidhi plays as a devotional girl. Because of the devotion she wants to visit the Hinglaj Devi temple in Pakistan and that’s how GopiChand connects with her for Pakistan Visit.If anybody watched Andaz Apna Apna they may remember the comical villain Crime Master Gogo..Shakti Kapoor it is! He played as a nefariousness Sultan. As a villain played the role with ease.

Chandra Shekhar Yeleti is known for his emblematic films with different subjects. Like his earlier films which are different this time he came up with the subject of Adventure which has the mellow acts of Indiana Jones/National Treasure movies.Credit should be given to the director for making this kind of films.

About Music
Yes he is the same Sri who had given some fabulous music in  yesterday year hits like Little Soldiers, Anaganaga Oka Roju, Gaayam, Money etc.Though some of the songs tend us to connect to previously listened songs but still songs are chirpy and catchy with melody playing a key role in the music.

 Dola Dola song filled with oomph factor sung by Geetha Maduri and Ranjith. Geetha Madhuri has vociferous voice which can sing this kind of perky tune.O Kanu Papa is a soothing melody from the voice of Karunya.The romantic rhythm of touch and feel  is what Nenu Nenu gaa song. Title song is robin hood type music which is OK.
Some glitches
Though the movie is Action/Adventure, Chandra Shekar didn’t showed any justification of the fight sequences involved with GopiChand as it is made like regular commercial hero type. The movie starts with nerve intensifying story which is impressive but at times we feel bored gradually because of tortoise (slow) screenplay.

And finally, to jump in to a conclusion Sahasam can be seen for its technical aspects. This is for those movie buffs who don’t expect commercial elements but likes to taste the water of adventure roots.

ఒక్కసారి సాహసం చెయ్యవచ్చు(you can dare to watch at-least once)

Video Credits - Maa TV/ YouTube


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