Connecting 7th Sense

No I'm not talking about movie 7th sense but it's about the perceptions and the situations that occur in our lives that we cross the common sense and it's called 7th sense. Though the work seems to be simple with smooth flow but thinking beyond the common sense is what we reach to 7th sense. The rocket science complications revolving in our mind with diffusion's and illusions are the characteristics that reflect the sense of connectivity.

Mistakes are common but the act of making is not the way we want to follow. This kind of habituation's are happening because we are thinking beyond the approach-ability  Common sense is a simple factor to apply above all senses. logically speaking we can bring many examples to show why we are using other senses that proliferates the bad and hides the good. We are using the common sense to spread bad to improve and fulfill personal causes.

Bringing caste support during elections by politicians is the common sense factor they are using to attract votes. They just use common sense to survive the sentiments and make the developments to go dead without sparkles. The reservation effects, castes, sub regions, religions are the not the complex thing's but we are dealing this kind of matters going beyond the common sense. Keeping in a view that we are humans first its common sense to eradicate these communal issues. Its pity we always targeting the  politicians but the real factor is that the gross nation is  following wit this kind of impurity in  their mind.


Inter castes are not acceptable because they don't belong to our caste which is 7th sense complexity. Yes some people think their own  God is great and here we are bringing religion as a impact. Sab ka Malik Ek hain is Common Sense. Respect every religion and respect people with attitude and soul rather than respecting on basis of castes. Education is not reachable to all and reservations is the tangles issue. Anti Corruption, Security, Rise for economic growth, productivity are the issues to deal with common sense rather than making it more complex bringing the demons like caste, reservations and corruption.

Yes the public are Nationalist to their country and the Nationalist doesn't represent to those who bring religion or castes in factor and that comes when we get inspired by ourselves to break the abnormal process and make sure to reflect the normal process. Let's all deal with common sense and don't use the sense called 7th which is a alien in our world. 


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