some THOUGHTS after watching - Chi La Sow

When was the list time you watched the strong woman character portrayal in Telugu movie? May be Chithra character in Pelli Choopulu(2016 release) , Deva Sena /Sivagami character in Bahubali 2 (2017)?  Here comes in 2018 that kind of Independent, strong girl character played by debutant Ruhani Sharma in Chi La Sow. Not to forget the Andala Rakshasi fame Rahul Ravindran is debutant as well as Director. The story whirls around the two different juxtaposed characters, Arjun( Sushant) and Anjali( Ruhani). The Lead role Arjun(Sushant)   tastes the scenarios bachelor hood face from parents indeed from the society of getting married soon before 30 else the graph of marriage proposals goes down.   On the other hand, Anjali (Ruhani) needs to get married soon (Though she do not want to) due to complications in her life. The happiness and smile acted as a camouflage but lot of emotions and sentiments hidden back from the character of Anjali. There are instances in the film you laugh because of s

My Musings

Patience is virtue When the circumstances cross the limits, when the news channels/media broadcast the monomania shows to get into the hysteria , when we look the YouTube videos all highlighted with junk thumbnails (to urge and tempt users to click the videos) by thirsty money-grubbing persons, Do you think we can keep calm and go on with our life?   When the leaders promise the voters and speak of development to the country, but still the promises adhere to falsehood (From years) , when the people confused of what is right and what is wrong in terms of facts and ultimately feel the facts as ostensible(In a perception that the fact is actually Right, but comes out to be false) then how can the patience can be virtue?                       World seems to behave as a cruel monster compared to what it used to be earlier (actually same). Today we are living and leading the life in a way that advancing in Technology to more advanced and speaking/experimenting of life survival in


As days passed manam chala cinemalu chusthu vachham and సాంకేతిక విజ్ఞానం kuda ekkadinuncho ekkadiko vachhindi. Nenu school lo chaduvukunna rojullo computer ante oka adbutha srusti, taruvatha melliga computer(Work Station) nundi wireless laptops taruvatha ee tablets and smart phones. Cinemalu kuda anthe, appatlo black and white cinemalu nundi mellimelliga color cinemalu vachhayi. Vatiki konni rangulu touch chesi dhaniki Visual effects ani peru pettamu. Aa taruvatha sound effects ani, DTS cinema ani cinema basha matladukunnam. After DTS (Digital Theater Systems) we saw the change in cinema through IMAX and now we are talking the concept of Dolby Cinema.  Inni jarigaka manishi ee latest technology ki alavatu padi patha cinemala gurnich alochinchadam manesadu. Earlier, ante 60 years venakki velithe cinema ante oka kutumba story, pauranika chitralu, anubandala harivallu. Taruvatha kalatmika sandeshatmika, Social-elements chitralu. Atu nundi Ram gopal Varma teesina shiva taruvatha cinema

The Confused Soul

Before I started writing this, for some time I am in to meditative mood. This is because I am not really sure what to write but I felt I need to write something. I feel this situation as the Confused Soul My soul is void I need to fill up something From dawn to dusk The question what to write? Was knocking my mind Many thoughts are twined More in the loop And more deep I swoop  But, hard to find the answer for the question Blank and vague was my face expression Suddenly I felt, I got the answer And on my face, there is a silent laughter Whatever you are reading now is What I Wrote In the form of poem and soul is flamboyant now. 

Happy Diwali ! Happy Baahubali!

Talking or writing about Baahubali, I can be for hour’s discussion about this movie. For some reason my liking for the Baahubali2 is beyond of what I can let you know. Might be some nerve wrecking breath taking scenes and some goosebumps(Epic Interval Scene from 1:18:20 Seconds) effect made me to this Baahubalian fan. Other than Telugu when other versions of Baahubali released in Netflix earlier I didn’t hesitated to watch. I did watch (fast forwarding in Hindi and Malayalam) and watching in Tamil (Because of closure dubbing version to Telugu and other reasons Ramya Krishna(Sivagami) Original Voice and same with Kattappa ) . But my happiness can be reached to the core only if I want to watch in Original Telugu version to get the feeling of locality. Finally the wait is over for me to watch in TV and Diwali Dhamaka is announced by makers of Baahubali. They released the Baahubali2 in 4K with subtitles in Youtube(What can be more happier and merrier news for the Baahubali admirers) . Thi

The complexity of our minds

Thinking of series of events happening in different context in this world I couldn’t stop myself to write my thoughts of what so called the sophistication of this society.  To say a few about the events I want to discuss here The 3rd ODI Cricket of India vs. Sri Lanka – This is not the first time we saw the crowd bringing disturbance to match by throwing bottles in the ground to show anger. The coward and jealous acts when their team losing and opponent winning. We Indians may flung our anger on Sri Lankan fans because of their behavior. We might yank and howl on them for their kind of acts. But go back to 1996 Cricket world cup incident? Why? Because this same kind of incident happened (The very first incident I remember as a kid) and the only difference is Indian fans outburst their anger. So what did we learn here? Stop complaining of others before we think of ourselves. Oh come on! Do you still feel this change going to happen coming days?   The God man superior o


Well Well Well what a Fidaa! When Telugu Cinema is wobbling sometimes with routine formula, Fidaa type of movie comes (Like Nenu Unna Naynamma (Dialogue from Indra movie) to show other perspective of movie making in Telugu Cinema (In Very recent times something refreshing is NinnuKori and Now Fidaa) The Character’s in  # SekharKammula  movies are always sharp (esp. Powerful Womanly) was Roopa (From Anand), Seetha (From Godavari) and now Bhanumati from Fidaa. Looks like Shekar K ammula has the PHD in learning the mind of the women . Fidaa is truly a welcome back billboard to Shekar Kammula. People are waiting/dying for Shekar Kammula’s Anand,Godavari type of flick and now I hope people are relieved of the back to form of Shekar Kammula. There might be a myth that  # Telangana  movies are all about revolt related, I hope the myth is clarified now through this movie. The Telangana dialect indeed may be humorous but it’s part of the culture. For a non-speaking girl like Sai pallavi, th