Happy Diwali ! Happy Baahubali!

Talking or writing about Baahubali, I can be for hour’s discussion about this movie. For some reason my liking for the Baahubali2 is beyond of what I can let you know. Might be some nerve wrecking breath taking scenes and some goosebumps(Epic Interval Scene from 1:18:20 Seconds) effect made me to this Baahubalian fan. Other than Telugu when other versions of Baahubali released in Netflix earlier I didn’t hesitated to watch. I did watch (fast forwarding in Hindi and Malayalam) and watching in Tamil (Because of closure dubbing version to Telugu and other reasons Ramya Krishna(Sivagami) Original Voice and same with Kattappa ) . But my happiness can be reached to the core only if I want to watch in Original Telugu version to get the feeling of locality. Finally the wait is over for me to watch in TV and Diwali Dhamaka is announced by makers of Baahubali. They released the Baahubali2 in 4K with subtitles in Youtube(What can be more happier and merrier news for the Baahubali admirers) . This is indeed a great joyful news for me to watch in the TV (With the Volume high). The OST of Baahubali is always haunting and surely credit goes to M.M Keeravani for such outstanding BGM. Not in terms of Epic or high budget movie there are many things to learn from this movie for a movie making learning. The Screenplay for instance or the characters turning around. Ok still there are lot of things for me to do for the Baahubali (to tell a few coming up things) 

             My Art work with Alphabets/Letters to get BAAHUBALI Title transformation

1. Watching in 50’inch TV again (With Good Bass and Volume high)

2. Yet to read the Rise Of Sivagami Novel(Next in my Pending Reading list) 

3. 4 times watching Baahubali2 in  Movie Theatre experience (Both in India and U.S)  

4. Writing about the Baahubali again in poetic way (In Telugu, hope I try this one) 

Till then Happy Diwali folks. If you want to enjoy watching the official Movie in 4K HD video here is the link below  


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