The complexity of our minds

Thinking of series of events happening in different context in this world I couldn’t stop myself to write my thoughts of what so called the sophistication of this society. 

To say a few about the events I want to discuss here
The 3rd ODI Cricket of India vs. Sri Lanka – This is not the first time we saw the crowd bringing disturbance to match by throwing bottles in the ground to show anger. The coward and jealous acts when their team losing and opponent winning. We Indians may flung our anger on Sri Lankan fans because of their behavior. We might yank and howl on them for their kind of acts. But go back to 1996 Cricket world cup incident? Why? Because this same kind of incident happened (The very first incident I remember as a kid) and the only difference is Indian fans outburst their anger.

So what did we learn here? Stop complaining of others before we think of ourselves. Oh come on! Do you still feel this change going to happen coming days?

 The God man superior over the Judicial Laws.
Yes that’s true. We talk and feel proud of our Culture, Food and festivity when we bring our Country in discussion to unknowns. If you are rich and affluent you can be the bloody God man. You can do the moral corruption, debauchery whatever you want (Also Rape). These God man are not worried /fear of coming factors. They are viperous and charismatic. All they do is do some good help to the mankind (Sorry actually to his followers) and this nitwit God man followers are ready to damage the society (To make sure their Godman doesn’t get charged). OH yeah, they are ready to sacrifice their lives for their guru. We are so greatly educated.
What did we learn? Doesn’t matter if we are educated, education is not important at all, so from where does the enlightenment come?

Here comes another kind of lunatics. They are so obsessed of worshiping the superstars. Doesn’t care if these so called superstar ram the roads and smashed the innocents. They can hit or slam/slap their fans. They rattle and ricochet bringing the being Human back and charismatic in Cinema. But this doesn’t matter to our blind followed fan nature even though the film stars are arrogant and egoistic.

What’s the take here? Stop following the stars with much obsession. Else this arrogance and egoistic continues. Do you think we change?

See the problem with us is that we want to bring the Change. But change doesn’t being effective until if we are open minded and our spunk to bring the truth is glorified. 


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