Well Well Well what a Fidaa!
When Telugu Cinema is wobbling sometimes with routine formula, Fidaa type of movie comes (Like Nenu Unna Naynamma (Dialogue from Indra movie) to show other perspective of movie making in Telugu Cinema (In Very recent times something refreshing is NinnuKori and Now Fidaa)
The Character’s in #SekharKammula movies are always sharp (esp. Powerful Womanly) was Roopa (From Anand), Seetha (From Godavari) and now Bhanumati from Fidaa. Looks like Shekar Kammula has the PHD in learning the mind of the women . Fidaa is truly a welcome back billboard to Shekar Kammula. People are waiting/dying for Shekar Kammula’s Anand,Godavari type of flick and now I hope people are relieved of the back to form of Shekar Kammula.
There might be a myth that #Telangana movies are all about revolt related, I hope the myth is clarified now through this movie. The Telangana dialect indeed may be humorous but it’s part of the culture. For a non-speaking girl like Sai pallavi, the guts of your own dubbing as a Telangana girl will be glorified in two Telugu speaking states now. The malar might be vanished and they might be remember you as the Bhanumati.
I might be more selfish here to show more flatter to this movie because of the lush greenery and picturesque shoot of the place Banswada( Part of my hometown district earlier, now part of Kamareddy district).
The Sun rays falls on you, the birds sing the song, the Morning shines! That’s when the music is harmony to the soul. The one of the pillar strength for this movie is Music. You have done a fabulous job giving such a refreshing soulful tracks bro Shakthi Kanth Karthick . Might be oosupodu is most of favorite track to many but for me Hey Mister is the favorite track. I find inspiration in that song.
Both Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi succeeded in the doing the great performances but to be frankly speaking Sai Pallavi has more leading. Special thanks to Dilraju and Sekhar Kammula for shooting in #Telangana esp. #Banswada#Nizamabad
When you say it has different Flavor which means the taste is good, Fidaa is of that kind of flavor to be more precise
Now it's Dunkirk time for me now... gatlane ..untanu mari


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