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When was the list time you watched the strong woman character portrayal in Telugu movie? May be Chithra character in Pelli Choopulu(2016 release) , Deva Sena /Sivagami character in Bahubali 2 (2017)? Here comes in 2018 that kind of Independent, strong girl character played by debutant Ruhani Sharma in Chi La Sow. Not to forget the Andala Rakshasi fame Rahul Ravindran is debutant as well as Director. The story whirls around the two different juxtaposed characters, Arjun( Sushant) and Anjali( Ruhani). The Lead role Arjun(Sushant)  tastes the scenarios bachelor hood face from parents indeed from the society of getting married soon before 30 else the graph of marriage proposals goes down.  On the other hand, Anjali (Ruhani) needs to get married soon (Though she do not want to) due to complications in her life. The happiness and smile acted as a camouflage but lot of emotions and sentiments hidden back from the character of Anjali. There are instances in the film you laugh because of serious laugh riots from Vennela Kishore. 

For some time, let us come out from the Movie discussion. Does the relationships and marriage really give the perspective of life learning for happy movements? May be, but things change a lot from Pre Marriage and Post marriage for everyone. I do not know how and where the phrase get married soon once you are settled actually started. For boy and girl the freedom fades away and need to bow to the sick society especially girls in the name of restrictions and pseudo norms. Come on, you have to agree this. I have read many stories and heard the people speak in sorrow of their life incidents.  Imagine a child (she) wants to plant a tree in her home, so to plant a tree child ploughs the land, cover the seeds and gently water daily. As the child grow, the tree grows and the child have the smile to appreciate the nature of her living and freedom of enjoying soul. As days passed at some other place, child have to plant the tree again. However, things change here. You do not need to water to grow the tree. The freedom of expression was hiding and tree has to bow to the characteristics of surrounding atmosphere. The tree grows on its own. I know I am harsh here but sorry my heart would not stop me to write the heartening and painful reality. Please bear in mind not just girls but boys have the issues too. He has to float other boat to make someone happy. Now remember these points, we will come back on this later.

Chi La Sow, the title of the film gives many interpretations of what the story might be. Whenever marriage topic is raised, Arjun(Hero) speaks in frustration , as he does not want to get married soon. The hero has his dreams and passion to enjoy the freedom of his life before getting married. When Arjun tells his to do things in his life before the wedlock, it prompts and sparks us of what we thought of doing? Do we have certain interests or passion to do or tour the world? We might be. So keep awake of your dreams. Then we have another interesting character Anjali. Anjali is a jubilant and whimsical soul yet throws fake smile outwards (to cover the sadness and unhappiness). The fake smile I am referring here is not actually a fake smile to the viewers. In this context, the smile is brighter outside but lighter inside. For her this is a fake smile as she has much agony and pain in the heart. The Characters of Chithra from Pellichoopulu and Anjali in Chi La Sow have two things in common. Both the movies are about Marriage and they show the tone of strong and Independent characteristics of women. Sometimes Anjali is a confused soul. The complexities surrounded as a wall so the love for Arjun does not get out easily for her. Such a strong and impactful role Anjali has which is not an easy role to depict.

Arjun’s Mother (Played by Anu hasan garu) has the worries as every other Mother will have about getting their child married. She has the humor tone of doing the things differently. The parents go out for dinner for the boy and girl to meet and to have a private conversation. Two important factors here are the Arjun’s Parents enjoying the dinner and husband and wife talk (imagination as a viewer) and giving the ability and freedom for Arjun and Anjali to have a private space of discussion. One particular scene where Anu hasan garu reads a book on the dining table gives the expression of my own world spending my time. By the way, do you know the book she was reading? It was the Last Queen of India by Michelle Moran.

Bringing the Mental health aspects to the story will be challenging for the filmmaker. Rahul Ravindran did his best to get the details right and hit the focus being his first time as filmmaker.  Anjali’s mother (Played by Rohini garu) gave the glimpse of 2 phases of life both Happy and Sad turbulences. On the same balcony when there was lot of chaos and sobbing with heartening movements and later the scene where Arjun having good laughing conversations with mother-in-law tells something to rejuvenate from brittle things.

Now let us come back to the discussion I told you to remember earlier. Do you think all the things go as expected? No, if that was the case why do we have Life so complicated? Actually, Life can be Beautiful, merry and cheerful but it is just that we are making things complicated. The freedom of expression, the lighthearted talk, filling the gaps with love and affection, turning the turbulences and ripples to laughable movements and that is what I have experienced in this movie. Now you might have understand why I asked to remember the points earlier. If you compare how we are living the heck of life and how beautiful the Life will be if it is other way, lot of things go from complex to simple Life. Anjali is pure and simple. In one scene, we see some sweet talk between Anjali and her grandmother about relationships. Ok this film attempts to demystify the complex behavior. What more I need to say? Now let me listen to this beautiful song composed by Prashanth Vihari.

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