I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Watching Anime films is unusual for me. Rarely happens. When was the last Japanese Anime film I watched? May be Isle of Dogs released in the year 2017 from Wes Anderson? And now, I watched this film called I want to Eat your Pancreas. I should thank the movie buffs who have recommended this film. 

Based on 2015 novel,  I want to eat your Pancreas written by Yuoro Sumino is the story about the young girl Sakura who has only a few years to live due to the Pancreas. She keeps a diary for herself titled ‘Living with Dying’ journal. She is outspoken and extroverted. In the dark, you are scared and shed tears for the people you loved. But, when you come into the light, you are the sunshine. This is Sakura for you. 

And then there is this lead protagonist, classmate to sakura, an Introvert, and who spends more time reading books over friends. Sakura’s disease is not known to anyone except him. So just a classmate is now a secret known classmate to Sakura.

The flow of swaying conversations, light-hearted sense of humor, charismatic presence of the story in the anime form, life teachings is something the reason to watch this film.

Here are the few heart-crushing dialogues in the film. 


1.   It’s doesn’t matter what is right or what is wrong? It’s just what I believe. It’s a hobby for me to know what someone thinks about me.

2.   It might have been fun to have a friend or two, but I believe the world of fiction is more fun than reality. 

3.   You are the only one who can give me reality and normalcy. 

4.    If I told you that I’m super scared of dying, what would you do? 

5.   It wasn’t a coincidence. Everyone is where they are because of the choices they’ve made. We both from the same class, not a coincidence either, and it’s wasn’t something like fate. 

6.   What does living mean to you(Sakura)? If you are alone, you can’t tell that you exist. Your relationship with others is what being defines as being alive. I know my mind exists Since I can interact with Others. I know my body exists because others touch me. That’s where the purpose of being alive comes from. Just like we’ve both chosen to live out this moment here and now.

7.   When I am with others, my allure might come out. 

Death can be lugubrious and mournful. But, what does being alive mean? Have you ever thought about this?

It’s a simple love story, but beyond that, there is the passage to unearth the answers or makes you glued to the screen for thought-provoking conversations.You eat the sweet, but you crave more, as the sweet melted soon before you want to enjoy the movement of melody. The melancholy mood, sudden frisson, heart-pounding conversations, emotive music all goes to the inflection point.


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