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I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Watching Anime films is unusual for me. Rarely happens. When was the last Japanese Anime film I watched? May be Isle of Dogs released in the year 2017 from Wes Anderson? And now, I watched this film called  I want to Eat your Pancreas.  I should thank the movie buffs who have recommended this film.  Based on 2015 novel,   I want to eat your Pancreas  written by Yuoro Sumino is the story about the young girl Sakura who has only a few years to live due to the Pancreas. She keeps a diary for herself titled ‘Living with Dying’ journal. She is outspoken and extroverted. In the dark, you are scared and shed tears for the people you loved. But, when you come into the light, you are the sunshine. This is Sakura for you.  And then there is this lead protagonist, classmate to sakura, an Introvert, and who spends more time reading books over friends. Sakura’s disease is not known to anyone except him. So  just a classmate  is now a secret known classmate to Sakura. The flow of swaying conversat