1 Nenokkadine is Enthralling

There is always a movement of disappointment I felt because of the movies made in Telugu Film Industry are unexcited as they target the scope of movie on basis of commercial elements for the movie success. Thanks to the small scale movies which brought some refreshing change in the Telugu Film Industry in 2013. What is called as Movie for an average Telugu audience? Yes they want their favorite star to dazzle with introductory song, must carry super hero mode, flavor the touch of item song to target the masses, comedy, senseless fighting scenes ..to apply in a simple mode they want such kind of movie that has the factors of commercial elements.  But my disappointment is slightly changed and had a happy frolic face after watching Sukumar's 1 Nenokkadine. Right from the debut movie (Arya) Sukumar brought the pulse of radical boyish hero types that centers and connects with the stories in all of the movies. This time he came up with the thriller line through 1 Nenokkadine. 
Sukumar's 1 Nenokkdine is a revenge oriented movie crafted beautifully with a delightful acting from Mahesh Babu. The level of telugu making movie is advanced to higher level from the normal, default recycle boring movies. Greatly need to applaud Sukumar for bringing this terrific tangled and twisted angle of entertainment with tight screenplay. With performances and movie culture rising high with upgrade in cinema  and so Mahesh babu also advanced his acting to step into Rock star image look-up that he haven’t performed in earlier movies. Spell bounded is the only word I can think of when it comes to the performance of Mahesh Babu. The debut actress Kriti Sanon is also no let down in terms of performance. Sukumar should be complimented when it comes to actress performances in the movies. Along with the story he keeps the heroine character important( Neha,Kajal in Arya and Arya2, respectively and Tamanna in 100% love justifies my statement).  Not to forgot about Mahesh babu son Gowtham(Debuted as Child Artist) who played the cameo brought his father's transformation of acting in his blood through his presence and performance. Right from the technical department and cast the movie is completely compiling for self's perfection.  A special mention for DOP Rathnavelu for his wandering camera work. 


About songs.....Album consists of 6 songs and all the song lyrics are penned by Chandra Bose. At one point  felt songs from D.S.P are off beat which didn't echoed like his earlier movies and so resulted into a factor of average line of music, but listening to the songs again and again made me to bring into play again. The only song that is forgettable is London Babu song( No offense but all the views I am expressing is completely opinion). Apart from London Babu song all the other songs though offbeat but still pleasant both in terms of music and lyrics. Who Are You is haunting with high pitched rock music . Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha from the voice of Neha Bhasin is perky and catchy. You are My love has some fantastic lyrics and so the catchy of the tune. O Sayonara gives you the striking chords of pleasantness. The Background score is fantastic and DSP has done great job in giving such a pleasantry  music. 

Finally, to say about this movie success doesn't mean through the entertainment of commercial aspects. So if you are a movie lover then this is your cup of tea. For others I feel sorry if you are expecting same kind of redeem models.  Great dawn of success in 2014. Hoping TFI will come up with this kind of different movie making  style in coming days.

Every film should have its own world, a logic and a feel that expand beyond the exact image the audience is seeing
                                           --Christopher Nolan 

Yes I have mesmerized to the beyond limit of brilliance from Sukumar's 1 Nenokkadine. A movie tht is going to be cult in coming days.... (Athadu, Khaleja which took U turn from regular movies says that).Truly a blistering attempt from sukku...A great rise in Telugu cinema anedhi ooha kadhu..nijam mummatiki nijame...


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    1. Yes it is if! you want different kind of movie thriller apart from regular jilla kind of movie that we watched..:)

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