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As days passed manam chala cinemalu chusthu vachham and సాంకేతిక విజ్ఞానం kuda ekkadinuncho ekkadiko vachhindi. Nenu school lo chaduvukunna rojullo computer ante oka adbutha srusti, taruvatha melliga computer(Work Station) nundi wireless laptops taruvatha ee tablets and smart phones. Cinemalu kuda anthe, appatlo black and white cinemalu nundi mellimelliga color cinemalu vachhayi. Vatiki konni rangulu touch chesi dhaniki Visual effects ani peru pettamu. Aa taruvatha sound effects ani, DTS cinema ani cinema basha matladukunnam. After DTS (Digital Theater Systems) we saw the change in cinema through IMAX and now we are talking the concept of Dolby Cinema.  Inni jarigaka manishi ee latest technology ki alavatu padi patha cinemala gurnich alochinchadam manesadu. Earlier, ante 60 years venakki velithe cinema ante oka kutumba story, pauranika chitralu, anubandala harivallu. Taruvatha kalatmika sandeshatmika, Social-elements chitralu. Atu nundi Ram gopal Varma teesina shiva taruvatha cinema

1 Nenokkadine is Enthralling

There is always a movement of disappointment I felt because of the movies made in Telugu Film Industry are unexcited as they target the scope of movie on basis of commercial elements for the movie success. Thanks to the small scale movies which brought some refreshing change in the Telugu Film Industry in 2013. What is called as Movie for an average Telugu audience? Yes they want their favorite star to dazzle with introductory song, must carry super hero mode, flavor the touch of item song to target the masses, comedy, senseless fighting scenes apply in a simple mode they want such kind of movie that has the factors of commercial elements.  But my disappointment is slightly changed and had a happy frolic face after watching Sukumar's 1 Nenokkadine. Right from the debut movie (Arya) Sukumar brought the pulse of radical boyish hero types that centers and connects with the stories in all of the movies. This time he came up with the thriller line through 1 Nenokkadine.