Melting Melbourne...

       Melbourne is the city which bonded to my heart when I used to watch Cricket in childhood. The capital city of state Victoria is Melbourne is what I came through cricket but not through G.K. This is because for all the cricket fanatics one thing which reflects when they heard about this city is The MCG(i.e Melbourne Cricket Ground). The MCG looks magnificently beautiful. Every year on Boxing day its MCG which hosts the Boxing day test match. It's 10th largest ground throughout the world and largest in Australia.

     One of the largest sporting club Melbourne cricket club is resided in this city. No wonder why it is called as the Sporting and Cultural capital of the Australia.OK....let me calm my senses. All my mind filled up with the cricket cosmetics. My dream to Watch India vs Australia Test match in MCG came true through Victoria Tourism /Indi blogger for Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

                                             The Boxing Day Test Match Dec 26 @ 2011

On the 1st day of the match, I was ecstatic and joy filled in my heart when I saw The MCG. I went into imaginary poetic world with flooded poetic versions jumbling in my mind.

       the Silence of bonny Blue Sky... 
In the Heaven called Earth..
the Green grassy view of MCG resembles a Tree
the Cricketers in White uniform are the Flowers..
the Ball in the Cricket Ground looks like a Bee...
This is what is called as Eudemonia ...!

     Initially its Cricket which mellowed me for melted Melbourne, but later on its the news that revolved around the world that mingled my heart for this city. Till 2011 its Vancouver which maintained its tag as best place to live in world was undertaken by Melbourne.The city became popularized through Victorian Gold rush which made the city to became one of the largest and wealthiest cities.

      Apart from visiting the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), I experienced glancing on the hot spots of this city.Some of the crescent places are the Royal Botanic Gardens where I enjoyed the landscapes gardens on earth.For the love for arts, it made me to go to the elegant the National gallery of Victoria, Australia's oldest gallery which was opened in 1861.
      When roaming in the streets in Melborne, I unofficially became Melbournian where my ears are jingling with Kylie Minogue's Can't Get Out of My Head song.Eureka...Don't be bewildered about my word Eureka. I didn't invented or discovered anything like Archimedes. I could visualize the largest building in the world 'Eureka Tower'.Guys, I am not saying Eiffel tower, my echo is on Melbourne not Italy. Its Eureka Tower.


      Suddenly the cool weather turned into dynamic one with heavy showers  in Melbourne. And no its not Kylie Minogu'e song but I could hear my alarm song from Wake Up Sid.. and no it's not heavy showers but the water which my friends throw on my face and that's how I woke up. Enough of dreaming..let's get into work(One of my friend echoed in my ears).

This post is written for the contest It's your Time to visit Melbourne now conducted by Victoria Tourism in IndiBlogger.

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  1. Tnq for u r greatful words Vijay.....BTW You Rock in cricket I say...

  2. Cricket and Kylie are the best faces apart from Hugh Jackman,I suppose, for Melbourne. Wonderful thoughts entwined in a story here.
    Best wishes.

  3. @Amit Ganguly

    Yeah..Why did I missed Hugh jackman...:) :)
    BTW tnq for u r deligtful words...


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