Life is Beautiful

Movie Name - Life is Beautiful
Story/Dialogues/Screenplay/Direction - Sekhar Kammula
Music - Mickey J Mayer
Editing - Marthand K Venkatesh
Art - Thota Tharani
Cinematography - Vijay C Kumar
Cast - Amala Akkineni, Anjala Zaveri, Shriya Saran, Abhijith, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun kaur, Zara Shah, kavya etc.
Lyrics - Ananth SriRam , Vanamali
Preview Screened in - 10 Cinemas, SimiValley

It is of the small joys and little pleasures that the greatest of our days are built.
                                                                                                             - Mary Anne Radmacher

         In today's life called Mechanical life alias fast running world or whatever you think of..Most of us tend to remember our olden aka Golden days which are more valuable than today. Those movements can be during your childhood days, College days or when you spent  fruitful life with your family, fun and mellowed  life  called as friends life.Whatever,psychologically we machines think  and bound to say only one thing those days Life was beautiful because of those unforgettable movements you connected with. Shekhar Kammula tries to grasp those life was beautiful movements in this Life Is Beautiful movie.
         The story revolves  around the people of Sun Shine colony. Based on above incidents prescribed how the life will have added sunshine with small joys between them is rest of the story. 

Artist Performance
Amala Akkineni portrayed the role of a mother in this movie. Despite the fact that she played her pause(Acting) after 20 years, but still She acted with grace. Anjala Zaveri also a comback to TFI after a long gap acted well. The Mignon beauty Shreya Saran acted with ease in her role as a classy looking girl.
            New Cast
Sekhar Kammula  is known for encouraging new talent. Like the way he brought the new artists in Happy Days, he applied  the same rule in this movie. Everybody performed well with no flaws. Of all the little girl Kavya done a stunning performance with her innocent looks and amplified energy.

The movie has the Happy Day's movie shades so the movie will get mixed responses. Don't know how the people will take as told it has happy day's effect. It all depends on how we take the movie once we come out of the theature....

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Video Credit - IdlebrainVideos/Youtube


  1. So Overall what is your though's on the movie is it worth to watch...!


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