The BusinessMan - Gun's Don't Need any Agreements

Surya bhai ante nenu Kadhu...It's a brand 

While still most of the people are  slurping the laughing effects and prince acting from his previous hit Dookudu..There comes the another piece of entertainment from Prince The Businessman where shooting was finished just in 3 and half months.Can you believe it guys. That to the movie of Prince Mahesh .
I know most of them where surprised, but yeah we need to believe this fact all in all this was made by the Shatabdhi Express director Puri Jagannath. 

Lets get into details

Movie Name - The BusinessMan
Released On - Jan 13,2012
Preview Screened in - Big Cinemas
Cast - Prince MaheshBabu , Kajal , Nassar , Sayaji Shinde , Prakash Raj , Brahmaji etc 
Written & Directed by - Puri Jagannath
Produced By - R R Venkat
Music By - S S Thaman
Cinematography - Syam K Naidu

The plot 
Surya(Prince) comes to Mumbai to conquer the city and rule as Shehanshaw.There were no  more bhai’s in Mumbai  is what the commissioner of Mumbai(Nazar) says to Media.But his statement is falsified with the arrival of SuryaBhai where he also falls in love with an independent and artistic kind of gal Chithra(Kajal).

So why surya bhai tries to lead Mumbai and how he tries to capture the heart of
Kajal through his business tactics is rest of the story.  
How did post business went?(Artist performance)
Prince as usual came again with his positive energy,dynamic voice and daring attitude. Apted to the par of his excellency. The elegant Kajal looks Bonny and has given Charismatic effect to the movie.Ofcourse both prince and cutie Kajal looks bonny but it all depends on how guys and gals are kind of adhesive to.Others acted well as per their roles.  

How did pre business went?(Technical Department)
The manager puri jagan(director) dared to come again with his regularish pokiri style.But Even though it ha some touches of pokiri. But still Puri managed with par an excellence. The combo Puri-prince proved once again that their magic works. Apart from that the way he narrated the story and dialogues penned by him are catchy and refreshing.
Cinematographer Syam k naidu not only captured the beauty of Kajal but also the significant styles and the mirror of Mumbai through his work.

The only songs rocked in this movie are sir osthara and theme song.Couple of these songs have  the roots  from foreign songs..The other songs are ok.Same applies to the choreographic effects by Dinesh.

Its completely the one man business show(Prince).The level of sustainability depends on how long in runs in coming days.All in all go for Prince pulsating performance.

Howdid the Business going on? 3/5

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    ఎందుకంటే నేను కొట్టిన వాడెవ్వడు లేచి చెప్పలేదు ........


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