OY Review

Hii Guyz,I'm here 2 sahre wid u da review of Siddharth nd Shamilee starrer OY.
Released on -July 3rd Friday
Producer-Danayya@Universal Movies
Music- Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editing-Marthand K Venkatesh
Cast- Siddharth,Shamilee,Krishnudu,Sunil,Pradeev Ravath,Surekha Vani etc

Coming 2 story

Uday(Siddharth) is a rich person who always wants everything 2 be short nd sweet.Sandhya(Shamilee) is a typical kinda of gal who believes in old traditions,numerology,devotional .As usual Uday falls in love wid sandhya,but sandhya
does'nt wants 2 love him as she says she does'nt match him as per numerology.Uday tries
hard for his first love nd as usual love blossoms between them.Later on uday cames 2 know that Sandhya is suffering from cancer.And da rest of the story is hw Uday helps his first love....?

The titles during the start of the film is catchy,Picturisation is gud.Songs nd locations are gud.Siddharth has given 100% perfomance 2 his acting.Shamilee luks cute has done well,but can doo better.She was slightly weighted.Director AnandRanga had come up with diffrent story.He executed everything verywell.We can appluase him for his guts for da negative end at climax.Sunil nd Pradeep Ravath entartained audience wid some comedy.Climax is lenghthy.

Overall ,acc 2 me movie is gud nd da success of the movie depends on how our telugu audience
v'll catch da movie as it as negative end in da climax.

Rating--> 2.8/5 ,can be watched for once......


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