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Internet Is Fun

Feeling bored? Do you want your face to get smiled instantly. Open you will find the doodle of the day. The title speaks that Internet can be fun. Yes Internet is funny in many ways and also useful in many ways. The use of Internet many ways makes Internet as Fun for the world.  In childhood days we learn the Transitive Dependency Rule A  --->B  B   ---> C Then A ---> C In human beings language A is Human being, B is the Resource and C is Internet For any kind of research and to get the particular resource we opt Internet. So in a way Human beings automatically connects to Internet. So Human  ---> Internet I hope my logic of explaining didn’t confused even non math readers over there. In a fast running world today, we are running very fast to compete with time to finish the tasks allotted to us or to do list that we have. So in these environments we are winning against time because of Internet. This is all because we are finishing lot o


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27 ; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.  Life is becoming easier and easier because of the advanced technology today. Even though our life is easier still we feel we are missing those golden happy movements that we wish to come once again and again. Any experiences an average human being face today or any dialogues or reflections that occur today tend to make them to go back to their golden days transit. There is a psychological nature every  human being faces  where we don’t know the importance of occurrences that happens at that time, but we feel regret afterwards as we know how much we are missing those priceless and precious days.   Photo Source - Let’s get into

Aren't We Killing Time?

Before reading the topic just read my  Disclaimer... All statements appearing in this post are for funny(Ofcourse facts)Any resemblances to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Now a days if you want to know about your friend or where he or she is?..There is no need to call that person.Just open your facebook and find his/her status.You will know his or her location or what he/she is doing now.:) :)(Not all ,just saying in a generalized way). Imagine  how it would be if we don't have facebook.I think most of the addicted people feel mad themselves becaz they don' know what to do.There is a fact that if people are getting bored they login into facebook and if are bored hey logout the same FB. Imagine a world with no FaceBook.All FB manics hands will be itchy to status,comment or like or share randomly.Their quench for thirsty will not be any water or juices but FB.All guys and gals roam over the street.What's the way they do likes or comments on

Thank You Anna Hazare

          Many of the younger generation and the children yesterday just know about Gandhi and his Ahimsa movements during India's Independence through History and textbooks.But,we found a new face of Gandhi in India today.Ask who is Gandhi to the Youth and children today and one word which comes out is 'Anna Hazare' .Most of the youthies don't know about the Anna hazare till yesterday(even me too)and the limelight of Anna's Success and History came to be known through's Anna's hunger strike for LokPal bill.            Anna Hazare a 73 year old chap started his fast for a better  and efficient LokPal Bill  to be drafted in the parliament having a committee to be formed with 50% of Civic Society and 50% of  Sarkari ka aadmi .An initiative from a Social Activist made a wake up call  to  India to stand on the shoes of Anna Hazare for a better and transparent bill.              The Janthar Manthar Avenue in Delhi  rocked up with Songs and Chantings of Raghupa

Jago Youngistan

Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed                            - Cicero  Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods                        - Artistotle Hii guyz  ,as today is friendship day I am writing this blog to throw in your minds, what really  friendship means in my approach.After reading this kopidi ka funda , Juz keep u r hand on your heart and think are we going in the right path.So Happy reading Guyz.. Can u imagine a life without friends? Do u think u can be happy? Ofcourse not , u may spend happy life with family , u may share u r sorrows and happy movements with your family. But you cant's share all of the things, itz a  friend who gives you a hand in da case when you are in troubles. Will you get the awareness of  what all the things going in the  life without any friend..? No , right?.Hmm, yeah , I know you  guyz are nodding u r heads. So , I think my statement is tru