THE SECRET - In Search of Treasure

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Hurray I found it. Hurray I found it shouted Krishna when he found the box for the treasure. 

Krishna lives in a tribal village called Trissapur. Krishna and his troop are involved in the treasure hunt for almost a decade from now. The people here are facing with troubles. The remote village constraint made the village to suffer from many problems. The literacy rate is less, there is no proper electricity, the lands are barren and it’s hard for the farmers to produce the necessary crops. There has been many times the village head petitioning the government officials about the village but the promise from them is not always fruitful. The villagers have seen the political leaders only during the 5 years term of elections. Situations are becoming worse day by day. They need to travel miles for the water and for household needs. With much problems about the Village being said there were also rumors about this village of having treasures. 

Krishna’s fore fathers only know the existence of treasure in this village. But they don’t know where exactly the treasure is? Krishna’s family is committed for the search of the Treasure. From Great grandfathers to grandfather and from grandfather to his father and from his father the job was fell under hands of Krishna.  Its Only Krishna family always looking for the treasure hunt as Krishna knew the history of the treasure from his father. Krishna don’t want to find the treasure not for himself but wants to pour all the found treasure to the village needs.

During a hike to nearby mountains with his friends made him to find a huge rock. Hey Shashank look over there, don’t you think it’s a cave said Krishna pointing the finger to the rock?  How can you say it’s a cave and more ever it looks like a huge rock said Shashank? I don’t know. I have my own doubts. We have tried our best for the Treasure and we didn’t find any luck till now. Let’s don’t give up our hopes said Krishna. With much suspense all guys reached near the big rock.  See, I told you it’s not cave. It’s just a huge rock! Shashank said with intensified tone. 

Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi uttered Krishna. What do you mean said Shashank?  I believe what I think replied Krishna. OK let’s get into work guys said Krishna. Veeru you be in the front and we will be in the back. Let’s push the rock little bit so that we can know something can lead to the treasure. With much effort everyone tried their best but no luck. They couldn’t able to move the elephantine rock.  I told you its rock you have to believe me said Shashank again. Everyone went back to home and on their way back home everyone sensed that Krishna is more worried about his failure. After the dinner he went to the bed early. He is still thinking of what will be the back of the rock? Is it still a rock or something hidden back of the rock? He just want to get the facts out of what he saw. He woke up quickly from the bed and went to the garage. He is really looking for something specific. Where is it? I just saw that one recently. Did my father kept somewhere? Yes I found it, here it is. He grabbed the hand drilling machine. It’s too late to go back to mountains now. I will go early in the morning Krishna whispered himself. He soon went into sleep again.

The box is completely metal.  He couldn’t open the box as it has a jumbo lock. He couldn’t even break the metal one with driller too. He returned back with the box with passion and pride to the house. I found it. I found it Krishna shouted on his way back. The villagers felt happy too about his search. They believed their happiness will come back and all the problems will be solved based on the treasure. Everyone followed towards Krishna’s house. This time Krishna as well as his father is determined and confident that they found the treasure. All the answers of the treasures will be in box is what they believed. They called the welder from the town to open the Metal box lock. As its remote village it takes around half a day to the welder to reach the Tribal village. Celebrations in the village started early even before the box was opened.  At last the Welder came and he is busy in opening the box. 

The job is done sir uttered the welder. Krishna and his father went near the box. Open the box Krishna, Raghavaih said. With much shiver in hands Krishna slowly opened the box. He found a piece of plain paper inside the box. He unfolded the letter and glared at words written in the letter. With surprise look and confusion he showed the letter to his father. THE SECRET is what is written inside the letter and nothing else. Now its Raghavaih turn to look surprised and confused. Both father and son looked at their face each other with disappointment and they looked at the villagers from the window. The villagers are continuing their dances and shouting with excitement about the treasure. What the hell is this SECRET Raghavaih shouted.

To be continued... (The Fulfillment - Found of  the Treasure)

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  1. The Secret yet to be revealed. Keeps it interesting.

  2. looking forward to read the second part, interesting story

    My BAT56 entry A Secret Revealed

    1. Thank you Cifar. Will try my best to execute the suspense in second part ... :)

  3. aha... yet to reveal the secret. Nice one! ATB for BAT56!

    1. Thank You for taking time and reading the post. ..:)

  4. Nice..would be coming back for the second part.. Or is it already out, let me check.

    All the best for BATOM!

    1. Thank You for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the post. Sure will let you know once the post is published.


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