An Act of Keeping Myself Happy

The more I think of what to do, the more I go into depth of what to write. After prolonged sessions of thinking I came to withstand with a topic of being human being. Sorry erase that let’s talk about movies. Hmm most of my posts are movies why can’t I change the topic to some other interesting stuff. Hmm How about food then? Hmm yeah I try to go deep into the aromatic and delicacy of food thinking of the food. But, naah! Let’s not get into food now. Thinking of food more and more makes me to run into kitchen to grab more of junkie in my tummy. How about Music then? Yes music is a great way to keep myself boosted with more spirit and increase the spirit to think of more to write.  Not just writing but music is the metaphor of many events and actions. For an instance the Instrumental music or any slow music you play when you cook make you to get interested in cooking with more excitement. Same applies when you listen to the Classical Music or Blissful music when you meditate, write or read. The variations of the music from different genres have different flow of music. I like mostly the medley type as well as the music which makes me to flow in the tranquility of life. To be frank I don’t have any basics in music ragas but all in all I feel happy of what I am listening and what makes me happy. There is so much to write of music but let me put comma for now. J  Will write more and more on the Music subject in near future. Yes for me Music is an act of keeping myself Happy. For now I am listening to the Sound track of Life of Pi by Mychael Danna. How about you guys?

If you want to listen the Sound track of Life of Pi you can listen here 

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