Life without proper vision to our personal happiness is worthless to being alive  in this routine world. Tensions are like the Twitter trending hash-tags to every human being today.  I feel pallid and uninteresting if I don't  encourage my interests and passion towards the arts of my love. Weather it is a Movie or a Series, Cooking, Writing for ones self, Trying hard to get the path of Reading, Hiking etc. All thoughts attack on my mind on what to do now? Do I need to continue watch the movie that I had planned for long time to watch? Do I need to read the book which was pending from several weeks? Do I need to continue watching the series of Sherlock Holmes? Do I need to cook something? Hit the gym for sake of being healthy? Watch Cricket? What not..many things that we want to do to make our selves happy.  I don't know whether it happens to everyone or just me , all in all my mind hits with many thoughts!  Laziness will be more active when it comes to Personal things to do for the sake of Professional growth along with the Art of things of what to do in the same pace. Oh yeah did I tell you that meditation is also one of the thing I'm trying to put in my self interest? Yeah its been a long time friend of my mind always strikes like shall I start practicing today? Looks like my pending friend what I call it as Meditation is on track now.

Thanks to #ucla #hammer mindfulness weekly meditation program. The Instructor,Speaker Diana Winston really makes us  the impact of being to practice the mindfulness through meditation. By the way Mindfulness is paying to the present movement experiences with openness, curiosity and willingness to what it is according to Diana Winston. I lost into many thoughts , I may be floating in thoughts of what to do?  But I am comfortable to say may be I am choosing the right thought at right time. May be time management makes it more vital to balance the multiple thoughts. And no,  this is not just for my personal goals or my interests, meditation helps to balance our body as well as more productivity to think of what we want to achieve.  Come on , I don't  need to understand what meditation and importance is? You may all know its importance. Really? you don't know what it is? Are you unaware of what would be the experience of having more joy for rainbow colors in your life? Now its time for you to practice the meditation. I am also following the practice of Mindfulness through App called #Calm in my phone. Thanks to my fellow Colleague, friend Jomarr for introducing to this app. Hope I will continue to practice the Meditation for what I call it as the joy to jingle the bells of life with more passion and fun and spreading happiness to the world.

There is also article which published recently in NY-times about the Mindfulness Program that I attend weekly in UCLA Hammer Museum. Check here

Pic Credit - NYTimes http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/20/education/25-minutes-of-silence-in-the-city-of-angels.html?_r=0


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