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Thursday evening 6:00 PM
The curtains raised. Audience are so eager to watch the drama on Shivaji. Oh yeah the stage drama started

Mother -  My son, Prince
Shivaji  -  Mother! Why do you always call me as Prince
Mother - Because you will be a King once you are a grown up my child
Shivaji - Silence for 5 seconds (The mother whispers in low voice Shiva now it’s your turn….Speak up my boy). The boy couldn't come out from his silence state. Somehow the management team pulled the boy outside and restarted the show replacing him with other kid. The evening show ended in passable way. 

On the same night
The windows are howling and doors are slightly squeaking due to stormy winds.  The boy under his comforter shivering with legs trembling and this is not due to windy weather. He remembered the evening incident where he didn't performed well on the stage. He developed a great sense of Inferiority Complex factor raising the complex questions about his poor performance in the last show. The boy is not ready to go to sleep soon.  He is thinking the same incident again and again. Somehow he went to sleep and God appeared in his dream.

God - Child, I see you are in so troubled situation! What happened to you Child?
Boy - I couldn't perform well on the stage. I want to be Chatrapathi Shivaji. But due to my low self-esteem I am not attaining the confidence to speak up on stage.
God – Oh Boy, don’t worry! Just Speak to your soul.
The God disappears. Suddenly the Boy wakes up.

The boy’s mother saw him. He was so moody. She asked him the reason behind the moodiness. The boy said about his poor performance in the last evening show. Mother I am in fear that I may lose my all confidence completely. What should I do? How should I make myself to look like Shivaji? I want to fulfill my Father wish. I’m feeling down. 

Mother realized the pain in his heart. Mother’s eyes became moist thinking of her Husband.
Son, do you know why your name is Shiva?  Because your father likes Shivaji and so your name is Shiva. You are already Shivaji to us. So whatever you want to do just talk to your soul. Your soul will respond to you. Don’t lose your heart. (She told in high pitched voice)

The Boy was surprised after listening to his Mother words. He heard that magic word again that God had told in his dream last night. Speak to your soul. Also the energetic words from his mother made the Boy to go back into the history of Chatrapathi Shivaji. He saw Chatrapathi’s Mother Jijabai in his mother. He knew that Jijabai is the first mentor to Chatrapathi as a Mother.

Influenced by his Mother words the boy went back to his room and started thinking about the soul. He thought much about the soul. Who can be his soul other than himself? He inflicted the same question again and again to himself. He still couldn't find the answer. With much rage the boy shouted Oh soul! Where are you? Are you listening me? Speak up!  Talk to me. Are you coward like me hiding somewhere? His voice came down to cry from anger. Oh friend! Please show up! I need answers from you.  He knelt down and sobbed.

Suddenly the Boy saw his Father picture on the wall. He remembered how his father used to give a stage performance with his dynamic voice and flawless motions in acting. His father has always a dream that his son will gain more applauds and praises over him in acting.  Papa is you the Shivaji the Great in the showI will act like you when I become big. I will be Shivaji too. The father’s eyes are expressing the happy proud movements when his little darling kid talking with greater joy and self-confidence.  You will be my Son. You will sure become Shivaji one day, Father exclaimed with more joy and kissed his son on cheeks.

Reminiscence of the father incident made the boy’s eyes brimming with tears. I found my soul, the boy burst out with joy. His father is his soul. He realized he can be succeeded only if he follows his father acting. He watched all his father’s various dramas from the father’s collection rack. He meditated for his Father wish. He practiced the drama again and again through meditation. He developed strong sense of courage and commitment.

After two days
The show is about to start soon again. The Drama squad can see some sort of enigma in Boy’s face. The master had a silence look over boy. The look seems to be a question like Are you ready to perform? The master got the answer from boy’s eyes and confidence factor.  
Curtains raised again. The show started. There entered the two characters (Shivaji and Jijabai)

Mother - Shivaji My son, Prince!
Shivaji - Mother! Why you always call me as Prince
Mother - Because you will be a King once you are a grown up my child
Shivaji - (This time the boy didn’t stood silent) But Maa, Kings always sit on thrones we don’t have any thrones in our home. How can I become a king?
Mother smiles after listening to Son’s innocence talk
Mother - We will get it only if you achieve on your own my son.
Shivaji  - How can I achieve this Mother?
(Now comes other character, The Guru of Chatrapathi Shivaji Dadaji Kondev)
Shivaji  - Pranam Guruji and then shiva bows down to his feet)
Guru     - Pranam Shiva! If you are good servant to the people, automatically all people will be your sevaks. You will become a great warrior
Shivaji  - Maa, who is warrior?
Mother - Warrior is one who protects his kingdom and people. Help the people who are needy. Abides all the principles of laws. Shows same equality to rich and poor.
Guru - Shivaji, did you listened what your Mother told. Complete you’re training soon and you will be a warrior soon. Come let’s go for the training.
Shivaji - Avashya Guruji! Training is the dharma to be taken by every boy. I will be a warrior soon (Shouts more dynamically).
Before going Shivaji takes blessings from her Mother. Pranam Mataji
Mother - Jeethe raho beta! (Long Live my Son). My son will become king one day she uttered

This time the drama was vibrant and electrifying.  Many appreciated whistles are made by audience throughout the show whenever the little kid as Shivaji shown dominance in his acting. This show is like a festival. I felt that I really saw Shivaji here while watching the drama answered one of the speakers from bench. He asked the Boy, How did you managed to perform splendidly compared to previous one in short span? What changed your mood?  I am following my soul, the boy answered. The crew as well as the audience gave a big round of applause. The boy knew that there are two other people who are so happier at this time. One is his father looking from heavens and other one is his Mother sitting in front row of the stage.  People may thought that his soul as his conscience but according to the boy his soul  is his Father.

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  1. Beautifully written! So novel- father as soulmate! I believe that if one or both parents die, then they become guardian angels! They guide us through troubles into happiness! :)

    All d best for BAT50! :)

    1. Thank you Amrita. Glad you liked the post. Welcome to my blog by the way!. ATB for your BAT 50 too...;)

  2. Beautifully written! Good to see a post mentioning Chatrapati Shivajee Maharaj here!

    1. Thank You aativas. Somehow I connected the story based on Shivaji.Glad you liked it. All the best for your BAT 50.

  3. Your story touched my heart.A true soul mate just vanishes our shortcomings.

  4. it's a feel good story , one which let you introspect and discover self, Shivaji's connection was icing on the cake

    My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

    1. @Cifar Shayar - Thank You much. Yes sometimes Introspection plays the key role to identify our loopholes. We read these kind of Introspection in many books and stories. Also watched in movies too. That's how my thought emerged connecting to Chatrapathi Shivaji...:) All the best for your BAT 50.

  5. nice take on the prompt! anyone can be our soulmate...

    my entry is here-

  6. So nice to link the topic to Maharaj... sometimes talking to the soul helps... your idea is so unique and beautiful.

    All the best for BAT!


    1. Yes..Souls are the hidden voices of our energy. Deep thoughts are evolved through our souls if we speak technically....:) Thank you for reading.

  7. Vajra, that was quite some ideology. Your twist to the topic has left me pondering for so long.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the read. I tried my best to keep the subject to connect to the story. Keep Reading..


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