Alia Bhatt steals the Show

"You have to write, when it is there to write."- Imtiaz Ali, Director (Read in FB from a  Film critic)
And so how Highway is in front of you. This script existed  from 15 years with him but finally framed in 2014. When you watch HIGHWAY the traveling scenes reminds your journey on the road.  Imtiaz Ali is such a gem in Bollywood to bring the flavor of strong remembrance through his characters. Kareena Kapoor is remembered  for her role in Jab We Met and so Deepika Padukone in Love Aaj Kal. No wonder now its Alia Bhatt's turn that will be remembered for her awesome outstanding performance as Veera. Not to forgot the glistening performance as Mahabir Bhati from Randeep Hooda . Some hidden talents are not known until you experience the amplifying nature of the talent. Randeep Hooda is such a rare talent in Bollywood to have the acting spirit of passiveness. The Landscape views of  cinematographic shots from Anil Mehtha is  amazing and compelling. While story telling is going on between the affluent Alia and poor Randeep hooda, the impulsive music from  A.R Rehman brought more sunshine to the cinema. Yes there may be some minute fallacies but when it comes to the whole picture to show today's glimpse of life through artistic acting, the fallacies can be ignored. Above all its Alia Bhatt's shimmering performance as Veera shaped to bring  the breath of spirit to movie fanatic souls.

You can watch the trailer here...


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