Attarintiki Daredhi

Trivikram is the household name for many movie freaks. His mantra for the movie success depends on his rhyming style of writing. The strong dialogues in the movie make the movie to turn out to be more aspiring and interesting. There are many aspiring movie makers who have cut their eye tooth through Trivikram Movies trying themselves to portrayed as upcoming Trivikrams. The Jalsa trio (Trivikram, Pawan Kalyan, Devi Sri) is back again through Attarintiki Daredhi. 

The most devilish elements in the human brain are vehemence, outrage, anger that kill joy. Today's advanced world changes making people to diminish their relationships relating to the family values and depicting the roles of the individual selfish maniac zombies. Attarintiki Dareshi is that movie Trivikram glorified the family connections and elements.

Power star Pawan Kalyan as Gautham Nanda proved once again his style of excellence in his acting. Some incidents brings back the nostalgic acting movements of Pawan Kalyan's classical movies. His strong presence in the film crafted more aura and style to the movie. Bollywood  distinct actor Boman Irani debuted in Telugu through this movie. Boman Irani as Vehement person kicked the role with ease. Samanta's uber cool type and Pranitha's simplistic nature is plausible to perfection. Nadia who played the title role performed with great stability and attitude. Nothing much to say about the  acrobat comedy characters sparklers Brahmi, M.S Narayan etc. Others done well as required to the role. 

Yes there are some cons too!...Being said I'm follower and crazy towards Thrivikram movies as the USP lies on this punch dialogues, I felt disappointed with the screenplay. From Julai he is slightly loosening the grip of the movie pulse. Why do we want to add commercial elements just for the sake of the commercial manthra. Illogical fight sequences says that. We are expecting those kind of screenplay and action sequences like he marked in earlier movies like Athadu, Khaleja, Jalsa etc.

Its Trivikram's Punch dialogues and Pawan Kalyan's hunky dory acting making movie to run successfully, otherwise  it would have been in average line. 


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