Love vs Arranged Marriage

The statements expressed in this article are completely my funny views(Of course there are some facts). It doesn't meant to hurt others. Any resemblances to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

      Marriages are one of the bombastic and extravagant events that happens in India. There are lots of debates ,questions and confusions arises to most of the them to know which one leads over other in terms of Love vs Arranged. Some say Arranged marriage is fruitful compared to Love marriage and some vote for Love marriages.  So guys which one is better?  Lets get into the details...   

little about Love marriages...

There is a saying that 'A known devil is better than Unknown Ghost'

That is what love marriage is. Love kind can  be of any type. A mother loves her children. This is called as Mother-Child affection. Devoting your helping hands to the poor. It's called as love in terms of humanity. But when it comes to the love between a boy and girl in terms of a pre marriage, most of our elders will encounter us with plethora of questions..Is she or he from our same caste? Does he or she know the traditions etc.

In love marriages dowry system can be eliminated. Its bride and groom who gains PHD in terms of knowing each other before marriage itself..:). The post quarrels will happen before marriage..:) :). Through this we can eliminate the caste system. We know that in India caste is a  disease still flowing in our blood. At least  people are killing this caste disease through this way..:).

About Arranged Marriages
        Arranged Marriage is the process which connects with trust and understanding.  This process goes like interview where the bride or groom has to create a  profile which connects  to the way we prepare our resume for job. There will be requirements from each other like job requirements. Check out the following funny video specific to arranged marriage...:) 

         Its linked with lot of arrangements. Initially it will starts with matrimonial profiles, matchmakers. If the horoscope matches then that is the case  when both family gets connected for lookups. Dowry plays a vital role here. Two complete strangers are getting married in this system. :). Though the bride side members are pleasing the groom side demands based on the dowry, still we are hearing lot of dowry case harassment's almost every day.  Thanks to some people who are realizing that humans are important than money.

Love vs Arranged in a nut shell..
When it comes to Love or Arranged in both instances there are pros and cons. It all depends upon how we understand and compromise. Whether its Love or arranged in either of the cases both boys and girls  will be in hot waters. The  funny quarrels continues. The crack brained ego makes them to quarrel more and more. We will miss our happy bachelors life.The following is a funny example which proclaims the ego system act in both men and women..:) :)
A woman, without her man, is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

So what about you guys..? Which one you say Go go for..Pyaar ka Punchnama or Life Partner typo bride or

P.S - This post is written for the blogger contest organized by IndiBlogger and sponsored by Sony Entertainment  television as part of their soap Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage. Click here for the soap trailer.

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  1. I think its not about love marriage or arrange marriage its about how well you understand your partner and behave accordingly. Love or arrange what important is commitment.


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