Trivikram's Speech about SeethaRama Shastry

Trivikram who is known for his catchy dialogues and funny punch lines recently spoke about our greatly famous lyricist SeethaRama Shashti garu in Maa Music Awards.
The Speech is astonishing, audible and amplifying. Why Trivikram is such a fantabulous  dialogue writer and admirable to cine lovers is because of the following.
Just sharing to the viewers……..

Video Source - Maa TV@YouTube


  1. హీరోల తళుకు ఇమేజ్ ,నిర్మాతల తాలుకు వ్యాపార విలువలు ,డిరెక్టర్ల తాలుకు తెలియనితనం ప్రేక్షకుల తాలుకు తెలుసుకోలేని తనం


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