Books vs Digital Age

 Hi guys, recently I saw 'We The People'show which screens on NDTV where the debate is about
"Will Books Survive the Digital Age?"I am writing this post because of that show.

 A house without books is like a room without windows. 
                                                                             -  Heinrich Mann
Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life
                                                                                          -Mark Twain
    Sometimes you may feel lonely,then in that case whom do you guyz think as your freind?Guyz I knw that your mind says that its either your boyfrend or girlfrend..Arre woh loga nahi yaar..Come out of that dreams..:) :).Other than your friends,don't you feel sometimes that Book acts as a freind to you.It depends on a indivudial.Apart from the Entertainment funda like playing ,watching movies etc your lonely friend may be Book.Am I wrong..?Those who are book worms may agree with my statement and the others may or may not.In today's digital world books are over shadowed by digital ebooks.

There are pro's and con's in both scenarios.But it depends on the indivudial.Sometimes I feel that Books are Classical Tape Recorders and the ebooks are ipods. But that statement is not always true. One person tweeted about his opinion that "Books are personal and Internet is public".I would not say that Books  survival is  gradually getting down.I think middle class like us or the people who can't afford to buy digital equipments are saving the Books life.Our life will be much easier thru ebooks than reading through books, but not all times it will be true.A book can be gifted and can be a life time friend.Does giving an ebook as a gift makes your frnd happy(Ya I feel happy sometimes until and until if you give me a Kindle or Ipad or any expensive digital stuff...he he).Nao naa ,you can't.

Technical enthusiast Pranav Dixit rightly said that some of people are forgetting to read books because of today's social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter etc.Reading a physical book makes you pleasure than the virtual book.My friend RajShekar has his own opinion in this scenario.Rather than using books why can't we use ebooks as we are also saving earth.Hmm,even that's a good opinion.

One of the member in the show said that ,through Internet you will get research on your subject, but is that  not killing your talent.We may have lotz of quantity info, but not the quality info.So I would not say that Internet is useless for getting info.It's fabulous as what Pranav said like we are getting facts and lots of info,but books acts as a friend to you.  
Following are some funny differences between Yesterday's books vs today's digital world  
Yesterday's Books                                                      
1.Collected Quotes of Mother Theresa                       
2.Letters from a Father to a Daughter                          
3.An Autobiography of a famous personality
Today's Books
1.Collected SMS's of Techie John  
2.Inspiring Twitter tweets from a father
3.An autobiography of FaceBook ,Orkut..Ha

So that's the matter.In my opinion if Book is a wife then ebook is a girlfriend.Both are valuable and reliable resources for our kopidi's.So guyz whatz about you?Take a deep breath and move your head slightly upwards to think what your opinion is.?....Lol.I thank Burkha Dutt for hosting such a wonderful show in NDTV and bringing a thoughtful debate to us.We the People Thank you alot whole heartadly :) :)

N.B - If you guyz like to view the show , here is the link which redirects you to that show


  1. good post buddy

    it's really interesting.....

  2. Reading books is more appropriate as far as i think because i have tried the other way around too. I tried to read ebooks on Blackberry Playbook but i wasn't able to. Everytime i started it, i ended up playing a game or something like that. So, i think preference should be given to physical books and internet should be used just for a reference.

  3. Well Said Sandeep.Books are more bounded to us than the digitized reading.Thank you for you precious words...:) :)


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