Prince New Movie Mr.Perfect

Hii folks....,I'm back here with some tolly updates.Every body knews that Mahesh done a movie named Athidhi with 'Kick fame' director Surender reddy,which is an average movie.Now Surender reddy has came up with another story for the princiewhich is titled as Mr.Perfect.Mahesh said that,when surender said this script,I was excited.Surender reddy said that I created a story ,which I think is going to be a best in my career and I promise that this is going to be a block buster 2 Mahesh.R.R movie makers are producing this movie with a whopping 40 crores to this project.R.R movie makers produced Surender reddy's earlier movie Kick.
check out for more details here

letz hope dat this movie gonna rox bolke....................


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