Rain Rain come down...

There is lot of concern over agriculture nd water due 2 scarcity of rains. This monsoon , the rain covered off wid clouds.Prices gone high, and dis became a major problem 2 poor nd middle-class families.Especially toor dal(Kandi pappu) costs 100 per kg.By dis u can imagine hw prices are gone high.Farmers who wrked day nd nite in fields frm past one yr, are waiting eagerly for the rains. Actually dis is da time for farmers 2 hv vari cutting.Even some lakes are gettin dried.
And morever the construction of Babli project in Maharasthra,making worse in SriRamSagar Proj(SRSP).The water capacity is slightly goin dwn.We don't knw hw our Govt tackels dis problem?

Every village u go, the people are doin prayers in temples, churchs nd masjids.The people are doin all sort of thngs, acc 2 their beliefs lik doin marriage 2 frogs etc.

So guyz let us pray 2 God ,2 hv a gud rainfall in our country.


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