What are your New Year resolutions?

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day-A Famous quote on New Year.

Hii guys..It's time 2 say new year wishers 2 u all , as we came to year 2009 .So what are the new resolutions in this year?for me hmm...naah,it's personal,but coming to u all guys may u r resolutions will cherish and we will move forward and reach skyscrapers.
Thinking of year 2008 , we have faced with much highs and lows in our life, mainly IT is down,Sensex is zigzagging everytime,most of employees are in fire, most haunting incident is Mumbai blasts.Even we have some cherishing incidents like Nuke deal with US(Don't know whether it is advantage for Indians or not),Chandrayan project,In the field of literature, India’s Aravind Adiga won the Man Booker Prize for his novel ‘The White Tiger’, a dark tale about the son of a rickshaw puller who dreams of escaping poverty.
Indian cricket focused well in their play with young blood in the team.India won series against Aussies,England in tests.Will India move from 2nd to 1st place in tests? According to cricket columnist's may be we can sweep Aussies down in the year 2010, as now SA is yet to come in 2nd place and we again go to 3rd place as SA won the series against Aussies.But all this happens to India only if India plays well in foreign pitches.This is the opinion of team selector Krishnamchari Srikanth.
Coming to Entertainment , bollywood had come up with some good movies like Taare Zameen par, The Wednesday, Gajini, Rab ne ban diya jodi etc.We can say Amir Khan as Star of year 2008 as he is perfectionist as Actor,Producer and Director. He was asst director for taare zameen par , producer for Jaane na Janne tu, hero in Gajini and all movies are Hi5.Taare Zameen Par is moved to Oscars and only 2009 decides whether this movie will get Oscars?(U all guys need to wait up to Feb 22)
Coming to Tollywood we had seen typical changes in the field .Megastar entered into politics with Praja Rajram as party name and Pawan kalyan is president od Yuva rajyam,Film star Rajsekhar joined into congress, NBK in TDP.Megastar's son RamCheran tej is Introduced into tollywood as successor of Chiru.
Coming to me ,2008 is the year for me ,where I got visa on july 24th to US to pursue MS.I graduated in may 2007 and struggled for 1 year 2 settled down in Job.But,God received my wishes and granted me to go to US after 1 yearof my graduation.Now I had to struggle here guys..lol, because US economy is down here , and it's take time to get IT settled down.So there is no hurry burry for me to finish Masters soon.So, hope this coming year 2009 will make US economy in to good position ,becaz not only me but for our India, as India is dependent on outsourcing there may be chance of good employment in year 2009(This is my one resolution).
Other factor is terrorism a Global factor, I want this to totally destroyed(as all u guys no, hw may common people are loosing their lives).Regarding politics I wish Praja Rajyam party to be
alliance with LokSattha(but, guys will Jay Prakash Narayan will join aa,u all know he has his own protocals),let's wait and see.....
Finally, I want all my friends(My Friends Forever Community) to get settled down in their respective fields.

Anyway I wish Happy New Year to all u guys................


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