The Glimpse of Tollywood 2011

Earlier the  definition of the Telugu Cinema means an introductory song on our hero,routine story in a way biased to same stories,Crappy action sequences.In simple words old tamarind pickle type of story.But people are changing now.Those days are gone(Not completely but to some extent)  Now a day’s director’s are getting the exact pulse of an average Telugu cinema lover. Just sharing the funny scene from movie 'Neninthe 'depicting how the director was earlier(Doesn't resemble anybody but purely meant for laughs) This year we have seen some exemplary movies which reflected it’s sun rays to give more foundation in a flamboyant and grandiose way to fuel the life of Telugu cinema. Following are some movies which defined its mark 1.Rajanna 2.Bapu’s mythological flick  Sri Rama Rajyam 3.Gaganam 4.Ala Modalindi 5.100 % Love 6.Oh My Friend Movies in Good Category                          Above Average 1.Dookudu                                  

Panjaa Review

Released on – 12/09/2011 Preview Screened -  Serra  Theatures,Milpitas,CA Cast  - PowerStar Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias(Debutant),Anjali Lavania,Jackie Shroff,Adivi Sheshu,Atul    Kulkarni,Brahmi,Ali,Tanikella etc Direction,Story – Vishnuvardhan Produced By – Neelima  ThirumalaShetty,Nagesh Muntha,Shobhu Yarlagadda,Prasad Devineni Written By – Abburi Ravi ScreenPlay – Rahul Koda Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja The Plot Jay(Pawan) is a hancho dude who plays two shades,towards bad boy side is kind of right hand to to the local kingpin of kolkata bhagwan(Jackie Shroff).The Good boy image on the other side  maintains the horticulture,where he meets our heroine Sandhya(Sarah Jane).Some  unfortunate circumstances leads to ruckus between Jay and Bhagwan.So how Pavan shows his panjaa is rest of the story. How did the cast exploited? Power star performed meticulously terrific.New face of tollywood Sarah Jane acted with easy as a bubbly gal socialistic to th

మొగుడు సినిమా సమీక్ష(Mogudu Review)

Hi readers,saw Mogudu Movie yesterday.Being myself a movie freak I am coming up in different view on Mogudu movie.Hope you guyz like my approach.Lets get into details..... పెళ్లి తేది - Nov  4th పెళ్లి వేదిక-Big Cinemas,Fremont పెళ్లి కొడుకు-గోపి చాంద్,పెళ్ళికూతురు-తాప్సీ మరియు పెళ్లి పెద్దలు నటకిరీటి రాజేంద్రప్రసాద్,రోజా, నరేష్   etc పెళ్లి చేసినవారు (డైరెక్టర్) - కృష్ణ వంశీ పెళ్లి ఖర్చు  చూసుకున్నది  - నల్లమలపు బుజ్జి మంగళ వాయిద్యాలు మొగించినది - బాబు శంకర్(Debut  music director in Movies) ఫోటోలు తీసినవారు -  శ్రీకాంత్ Naroju పెళ్లి పత్రిక రాసినవారు(మాటలు)  - భీమ్                            పెళ్లి ఎలా జరిగింది? RamPrasad alias Bujji(Gopi) is lovable and pamper person to his father AnjenayaPrasad(Rajendra Prasad) and 3 elder sisters. ఇంట్లో  పెళ్లి కానీ ప్రసాద్(గోపి) ఒక్కడే కాబట్టి తనకు పెళ్లి సంభంధాలు చూడడం మొదలు పెడతారు.  But all matches goes into vein as bujji didn't  find  his kind of gal.He finds his love in  RajaRajeshwari(Tapsee) only  daughter  o

Dookudu Review

                                    Front End Cast Mahesh,Samantha Prabhu,PrakashRaj,SonuSood,Brahmi,MS Narayana,Vennela Kishore etc Directed By(Backend)   SrinuVaitla(Claim to fame for Anandam,Venky,Dhee,DubaiSeenu,Ready,King etc) Cashiers AnilSunkara,Gopinath and Ram Achanta Penned By  -  GopiMohan Music - S.S Thaman Released On - Sept 23,2011 Satellite Rights - Maa TV(For 5.75 Crores) Story in precise                         Shankar Anna(Prakash Raj) is a popular face and serving hand to the needy in his locality.Some incidents with mafia don Nayak(SonuSood)and other rivals(Kota and co)makes him to go into coma for 14 years.Ajay is a undercover cop,where during his undercop operations meets the petite beauty Prashanthi(Samantha)who is a fashion designer.So as usual love blooms between them in a regular telugu movies style.So how Mahesh shows his dookudu and takes revenge on rivals for the incident happened to his father(PrakashRaj) is the rest o

Chupke Chupke

In recent times I heard much about the Amitabh Bachann and Dharmendra starrer comedy flick 'Chupke Chupke'. First time I came to know about this movie was through Deccan Chronicle.I'm a regular reader(most of the times) of DC fundamentals which posts the trivia and G.K questions every week in Sunday Chronicle.The question one of the user asked in the DC fundamentals about Chupke Chupke is "Apart from Sholay which is the other comedy flick where the duo Amitabh and Dharmendra acted together and released in the same year 1975?"(ofcourse the answer is Chupke Chupke) Next time I heard about this movie was through 'R.K's Open Heart with Nagarjuna' which telecasts in  abn channel.Nagarjuna said that Balakrishna was keen to act in Remake of Chupke Chupke in Telugu with me.In-fact he also sent me CD to watch the movie.This multistar flick is in initiative process and may be it starts it's full fledged process after Balakrishna's SriRamaRajyam

Friends Re-visited

       May be Southern Californians will not forgot this date(Sept8,2011).Curious to know why..?Let's get into details....                It's like 3:15 to 3:20pm where I juz finished my lunch.Being a social animal,I'm chatting wth one of my pal in Facebook.Clock struck to 3:40.Suddenly power down.I'm little bit surprised and confused.Power down in US...?I taught may be my landlord is working on some stuff .To my surprise and  his ecstasy(informal way),power is off throughout the National City(A plc in SanDiego)                          I then connected to 3G in my phone(To find out what exactly the problem of power outage) and Googl'ed 'Power Outage in National City'.I saw a link having info saying that a cab driver hit the current pole at 12:40am in Harbinson Avenue street in NationalCity ,which made  2300 San Diego Gas&Current customers into dark for a while,where some got restored at 3am and the remaining by 9am.I falsely fooled myself thinkin

The Las Vegas Trip

           If any long week end is about to come,one question wch stuck our mind is What's the plan or Where to go for this long weekend?With much confusions and phone discussions which went end-end between my frends from past 15 days,finally decided to go The City of Casinos 'The Las Vegas' with help of  SanDiego and LA troop :) :).So just want to share my experiences with the readers.                 The view of LasVegas City from Stratosphere tower LasVegas in short             The Las Vegas is most populous city in  state of Nevada.It got the title "The Entertainment Capital of World" after Los Angeles(Initially  titled to LA  bcaz of Hollywood).The Las Vegas city is also referred as "The Live Entertainment Catpital of World" as its famous for gambling,shopping and fine dining esp reputed for Casinos.                 The actual entertainment hub is Las Vegas Strip(Unincorporated Area) located outside city limits of Las Vegas(apprx 4.3 mi