Gilly's Charge made DC to go into finals

 Adam Gilchrist played a vital role in the semi final against Delhi DareDevils.His superb knock of  85(10*4 & 5*6) from juz 35 balls made Chargers to enter into finals in IPL.Gilly won the toss and asked Delhi to bat first. Daredevils lost 2 early wickets in first over itself.But Sehwag and Dilshan played tremendously well which made Delhi Daredevils to score 153/8 in 20 overs.Paul Harris Scalped 3 wkts and Purple Cap boy RP scalped 2 wkts. So Hyderabad in return started their innings swiftly where  Gilly hit 5 consecutive boundaries in the 1st over of Nannes.Gilly also recorded the fastest 50(17 Balls) in IPL.At the end of 10th over ie last ball before startegic time out Gilchrist was out by Amit Mishra because of top edge of a slog sweep ,made him to put in the hands of Nannes.After that Hyd played progessively to reach the target and because of the impressive innings of Symonds(24) and Suman(24*),Hydreached the target easily in 17.4 overs.From Delhi side no bowler is impressive


   Believe In Yorself                          ------>Socrates    Don't expect your Friend to be a perfect person,But,help your friend to be a Perfect Person                                          ------> Mother Theresa Great Minds discuss IDEAS,                   Average Minds discuss EVENTS ,                                          Small Minds discuss  PEOPLE Live as if  Everything is Yours,Die as if Nothing is Yours                                                                            ------>KABIR DAS Hypocrites are those who sweet talk on the face and bad mouth behind your back.The most uncivilised activity of the civilised world is GOSSIPING

KICK Review......

Hii guyz.....                                                                     I'm here to share with you the review of Kick.Asusual I watched this movie in Imc 6 and in My home place Nizambad in theature named Natraj after coming to India.To be frank the sound quality and beats are superb in my homeplace rather than IMC6 in US. So coming to movie..... Cast Includes------>Raviteja , Ileyana , Syam(Debutant to Tollywood) and others. This movie is directed by Surender Reddy who directed Athanokkade,Ashok and Athidhi. The tale is about Kalyan(Ravi Teja) who loves to face challenges and always migrates from one job to other as he wants kick(Hence the movie name does'nt want to float in the same ship.Naina(Ileyana)  a casual girl falls in love with Kalyan unintentionally.She desperately works hard for kalyan to stay stable in the same job.But due to some circumstances kalyan leaves the job provided by Ileyana and thus love gets vanished between two.Another chara


Hii blog readers....., So after a long gap....I'm writing my new blog.Coming 2 me ,My Life is OK routine life..So that's the reason why my mind haven't captured any new topics to write the blog.So this time I'm here to share the review of KIKK ie Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam starring Siddharth and Tamanna which I watched in IMC6. The Cast includes--> Siddharth Tamanna Nazar Prakash Raj RamyaKrishna Brahmanandam(GachiBowli Diwaker) Coming to story... Sidhhu is kind of spend thrift person who flirts gals.The thing is siddhu's parent's stays apart from each other in diffrent places.Tamanna a typical village girl loves her father very much.She comes to city for her studies,whom she stays wid her friend who seems to be friend of siddhu.As usual love blossoms between Siddhu and Gita.When they approach Gita's father about their proposal, he put's up a protocal, that if Siddhu's parents live together, than only he'll move forward about the proposal.SO

Republic Day Wishes to u all..

As U all guys knw that we all celebrate republic day on 26th of Jan every year as it was the day where our Constitution is formed in 1950.Now we are celebrating our 60th Republic celebrations. President Pratibha Patil hosted the Flag at Red Fort.This time Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev was invited for celebrations.Steeped with symbolism ,President Pratibha Patil gave away the highest peacetime military awards to 11 policemen and soldiers posthmously who fought in Mumbai attacks. We salute u all.Lastly ,I wish My Mother a very Happy Birthday as she is celebrating her birthday today.

AR Rehman wins Golden Globe Award

The name A.R Rehman is the word that is buzzing all over the world when he won the Golden globe award for best background score in slum dog millionaire.He is the first Indian to get a Golden globe award.He also won the Critics award for this movie ,then he never looked back again,now he got Golden globe award,and also he was nomitaed for the Oscars,let's all wait and see what would be the result.Slum dog millionaire bagged total of 4 Golden globe awrads including best film, best director(Danny Boyle) ,best screenplay( Simon Beaufoy) . Slum Dog millionaire is a story of a boy from slums in Mumbai who becomes millionaire through a game show.Director Danny Boyle who's from British potrayed the movie very well. The film got appluads not only from India ,but throughout the World.This film bagged a total of 5 Critics awards and 4 Golden globe awards.Now It's in the race of Oscars. On receiving award Rehman thanked Fox pictures,director Dany Boyle,His music composers who li

What are your New Year resolutions?

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day-A Famous quote on New Year . Hii guys..It's time 2 say new year wishers 2 u all , as we came to year 2009 .So what are the new resolutions in this year?for me hmm...naah,it's personal,but coming to u all guys may u r resolutions will cherish and we will move forward and reach skyscrapers. Thinking of year 2008 , we have faced with much highs and lows in our life, mainly IT is down,Sensex is zigzagging everytime,most of employees are in fire, most haunting incident is Mumbai blasts.Even we have some cherishing incidents like Nuke deal with US(Don't know whether it is advantage for Indians or not),Chandrayan project,In the field of literature, India’s Aravind Adiga won the Man Booker Prize for his novel ‘The White Tiger’, a dark tale about the son of a rickshaw puller who dreams of escaping poverty. Indian cricket fo