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Zindagi Kaala Hain

Ankhon ke peeche aasoo hain Mann ki gaharahi mein Dardh hain Lekin Chehre ki Muskurahat kam nahi hothe Shaam toh guzaar gayi Raat toh aagayi Lekin Zindagi ki gaadi chalthi hi hain Raath toh Andhera hain,Saath mein rakshas hain Haath ka nishana ,Laath ka peetai Anth tak toh rehtha yeh Narak Paani  ka Leher hoon mein Kanch ka tukuda hoon mein Toot gaya mera khwaab ye zindagi ke bazaar mein Baatoh ki Pravah Chup Jathi hain Saas mein darr baitha hain Raathh toh Kaalihain,lekin  Din bhi Kaala Hain, Pic Credit -


World is transforming not just because of advance of Technology but due to gruesome acts where humanity is boiling down and cruelty is rising high with flames. We are feeling insecure with all the rises such as rise in inflation, rise in costs, rise in corruption and rise in political failure system. Above all these rises, the disturbing incidents that are making rise is the upsurge of rape activities.  An example to such atrocious acts is the Delhi incident. To bring down these acts Farhan Akthar came up with a unique initiation to make a kind of awareness campaign called as #MARD(Men Against Rapes and Discrimination). Prince Mashesh Babu lent his voice in Telugu and the translation of the poem is penned by Chandra Bose which was originally written by Farhan father Javed Akthar. ఎవరి కళ్ళల్లో సంస్కారం సూర్యకాంతిల మెరుస్తూఉందో ఎవరి మాట మన్ననగా ఉంటుందో ఎవరి మనస్సు మెత్తగా ఉంటుందో ఎవరి ప్రవర్తన మర్యాదగా ఉంటుందో ఎవరికి ఆడవాళ్లు   అంటే హృదయంల