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The Insights of Rajanna...

I know this movie released almost 1 month ago.After watching such a revolutionary movie ,My mind couldn’t made me to wait to write my views.That would be unfair if I skip this wonderful piece . Story,Screenplay,Direction - Vijayendra Prasad Fighting Sequences Directed by - S S Rajamouli Cinematography - Syam K Naidu,Anil Bhandari Music By - M M Keeravani Produced by - Akkineni Nagarjuna Cast Nagarjuna as Rajanna Baby Annie as Mallamma Sneha as Lachhamma,Nassar,Ajay,Pradeep Rawat etc This movie was carved based on the incidents happened in Nelakondapalli village in Adilabad dist during Razakar’s Movement in 1950. Malamma is an orphaned girl taken care by old man Sambaiah.She is the honeybunch to the village people as she pacifies and soothe the villagers with her songs. This is all bcaz tha villages were ruled by Dorasani.Her songs makes the dorasani very disturbing .Why Dorasani wants to kill Malamma?? How Malamma gets to know her uproots and how she goes to Delhi to