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The Wolverine

Movie Name - The Wolverine   Directed By   - James Mangold   Starring - Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima(Yukio), Haruhiko Yamanouchi( Yashida) , Tao kamoto(As Mariko) Language - English/Japan Theater Watched  - AMC Tustin 14 Inspired from the Series of comic stories 'The Marvel' The Wolverine is the 6th to come and 2nd as the Solo for Hugh JackMan as a lead. Logan/Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) leads the wildish life being more cordial to the grizzly bears and antagonist to the hunters in Alaska. It was Yukio(Rila Fukushima )who meets the Logan requesting to return Japan to meet her representative Yashida(Haruhiko Yamanouchi ) . Yashida wants to thank Logan as he saved during Worldwar 2 days in Nagasaki   before he dies. So what are the consequences after he meets Yashida   is rest of the story. Logan(Hugh Jackman) feels the irk from the delusions of Jean whom   he forced to kill in earlier x men series. He is shown as a mawkish and witty character being weakened conn