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Laughter vs Happiness

Happiness does not depend upon what you have or what you are; It solely relies on what you think                                                                                                                                               - Buddha  Where can you find happiness? Listening to music or loving to do your own art. Imagine yourself being isolated without any thoughts. It's hard to stay yourself without thoughts. What is the best way we attain the prosperity of happiness and enigmatic energy to lead the life? Well it lies in our perception in what way we want to walk to the path.   Though happiness and laughter are synonyms but sometimes there is too much variance and difference between them when we bring good and evil respectively. Happiness is the true way of being jovial, trying to get the peace of serenity through our senses. Whereas laughter can be satirical with more nonsense and more pain. That laughter is attained in devils mind but happiness is attained

Happiness Prevails

Life is a Dreamer, Life is a Mirror On the floating path of Desires Trying to reach the destiny of Success Listening to the echos of Passions Speaking to the soul of Serenity Widening the spirits of Love Spreading the Saga of Inspirations Thinking of Inhumane World To turn into Prosperous Earth  Many Priorities..Many Complexities Way to go, Way to Learn Many minutes of Happiness to change into Rainbow Colors Aiming to the triumph of Happiness .