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Movie Name - Elysium Cast - Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharito Copley, Alice Braga etc. Director/Written By  - Neill Blomkamp Release Day - August 9th, 2013 Being in reality we think of fiction having imaginary aspects from multiple minds of virtual world. The rumor of world ends in 2012 was viral past. We have reached to advanced world from the antique world making ourselves more and more technological as robots rather than human beings. And one such science fiction material is brought by the director Neill Blomkamp in the name of happiest place called as Elysium above the Earth.  Keeping in mind today's environmental and political conditions the hypothetical way of story starts in the year 2154 where The Earth is annihilated with disease,  over population and pollution. That's where this cosmic place called Elysium comes into factor with all the affluent people living in the Elysium. Max(Matt Damon) an ex larcenist(thief) lives in suburbs of Los Angeles w