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What I read in August - Sharp Objects

  Title —Sharp Objects — Gillian Flynn If anybody has watched the Movie,  Gone Girl , you would know who the author Gillian Flynn is. The Sharp Objects is the debutant novel of Gillian Flynn, released in 2006. The story is about the reporter Camille Parker who is sent to her hometown to get the story of 2 girls murdered. By now, you should know that this book is a murder mystery genre. What made me read this book? I don’t know anything about the 2014 released Gone Girl that I watched then. But after watching the movie, I learned that this psychological thriller is based on the book of the same name,  Gone Girl , by Gillian Flynn. After many years when I found  Sharp Objects  book in the library, without any thought, I picked the book. The theme is dark, all the characters esp Women in the story, have all dark and bizarre issues. You feel pain while reading the book, and you don’t want to read the book with all such creepy problems, but you are still intrigued by the book as you want to