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Weekend Matters

Like many, I am one such guy, always awaits for the weekend. Some opt the weekend for Good sleep. Some want their weekend to be fun hanging or hitting the maximum time out doors. Most of my weekends are filled with fun spending the zesty time with friends. This weekend also has the same effect like my other weekends  and the main reason for my writing is to discuss about the two amazing movies I watched this weekend. Yes for me weekend is the life of serenity. The peace of love and bliss of  life for me is Movies,Writing, Playing,Cooking etc. # Shamitabh  (Hindi) So why I eagerly waited to watch this movie? 1. Director R. Balki has successful history in movie making ( Cheeni Kum and Paa) 2. Amitabh and Dhanush are the lead roles 3. Ilayaraja's Music ..oh yeah BGM is amazing too 4. Kamal Hassan's younger daughter Akshara Hassan's debut as actress. Sometimes reasons are the pivotal points for the movie to be watched for. And my reasons didn't made me disappoi